Take your email product to the next level

The team behind Who Sponsors Stuff has built and monetized newsletters generating millions of dollars in annual revenue. We can help you get the most revenue out of your newsletter.


Consulting Services

Who Sponsors Stuff can help you monetize an existing newsletter or bring a new email product to market.

Launching New Newsletters

A successful newsletter starts with the right content and design. We'll make sure you have a solid foundation, whether you're revamping an existing product or launching a new one..

Monetizing Your Newsletter

We are experts in newsletter monetization. If you have a newsletter that is not living up to its revenue potential, we can set you on the right course.

Growing Your Newsletter

Growth is the biggest challenge most newsletters face. We can help you implement simple, effective growth strategies to take your newsletter to the next level.

Strategy Audits

From positioning to pricing, we'll get under the hood of your newsletter business and set you up for success.

Sales Training

New to newsletter ad sales? Growing an existing sales team? We can help you set up your sales organization or improve your prospecting and sales cadences to get more deals closed.

Coaching Calls

We offer monthly coaching calls to plug in as a strategic partner to help you meet your growth & monetization goals. For clients committing to 12 monthly calls over the course of the year, we charge $5,000 for the year.

Reach Out

Get in touch at hello@whosponsorsstuff.com.

About Us

Ryan Sager

After creating the Wall Street Journal’s popular and influential weekend Review section and pioneering Time’s high-traffic ideas vertical, Ryan launched Ladders News, a site dedicated to exploring the future of work. As a founding partner at Email Revenue Solutions, he helps independent publishers monetize.

Jesse Watkins

As Head of Digital Advertising Sales & Brand Partnerships at Ladders, Jesse built a multi-million-dollar, direct-sold ad business around the company's flagship Daily Newsletter email product. At Email Revenue Solutions, he's helped publishers and creators sell millions of dollars in advertising.