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Top New Newsletter Sponsors of May 2022

Who Sponsors Stuff tracks more than 250 email newsletters daily and keeps a database of all of the companies buying advertising on those newsletters.

In May of 2022, we saw more than 250 new sponsors enter the email newsletter advertising space. Among the top companies buying ads on newsletters were Bubbles (a screensharing tool), CoinFLEX (a crypto platform), and All Star Options (an investment product).

Below are the top 25 new sponsors of May 2022 who bought the most ad units.

  1. Bubbles
  2. CoinFLEX
  3. All Star Options (All Star Charts)
  4. Bitmex
  5. TripActions
  6. Dwolla
  7. Tirios
  8. Unlock
  9. Let Everyone Invest
  10. Firefly
  11. Fireblocks
  12. Sendinblue
  13. Proxycurl API by Nubela
  14. BRIDGE
  15. Crexi
  16. Twillory
  17. Sontiq
  18. Amazon Ads
  19. TechNet
  20. Pattern
  21. Save American Solar Jobs (American Energy Action)
  22. Float
  23. Rivalry
  24. Bonusly
  25. Zscaler

For more coverage of the email newsletter market, see Email Intelligence.

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