The Top 💯 Newsletter Sponsors of 2022:

250+ newsletters tracked. 4,500+ sponsors and counting. These are the ones buying the most ads...

To finish out the year, we've got our annual roundup of the top 100 newsletter sponsors of the past 12 months, ranked by the number of ads they've run during that time.

This year, we've got some familiar names topping the list, like SmartAsset and, and plenty of fresh faces new to our tracking in 2022—sponsors like Security Compass (cybersecurity), BetterHelp (mental health care), Bubbles (screen sharing software), and Yubico (secure login systems), who appeared in our database for the first time during this calendar year.

Who Sponsors Stuff's tracking now covers more than 250 newsletters. We are up to 4,500+ direct newsletter sponsors in our database. And we continue to add more than 50 sponsors per week as new companies begin advertising in the email newsletter space.

The industry continues to thrive, with new newsletter powerhouses being built (and sold)—and with big opportunities for publishers to grow, own, and monetize their unique audiences.

Check out the list below for the biggest buyers of 2022!

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